USSR has assembled some of the worlds greatest software developers and security consultants to help us provide our customers this great range of security services:



USSR offers a full site network audit, identifying which areas are vulnerable to intruders and what steps can be taken to counter each security weakness. USSR's Network Penetration Testing includes on-site training in; network intrusion detection, system protection and appropriate company reaction in the event of an unwanted intrusion.

Sometimes there are no off-the-shelf packages available to meet your company's requirements. Maybe a bespoke program is needed to help keep employees from making network damaging mistakes, or perhaps to monitor suspected illegal network use. Whatever the need may be, we can meet it. Our custom Intrusion detection and network monitoring applications can help you provide a secure network for you and your clients.

USSR provides a full Security Quality Assurance and Certification for any Applications using the Windows NT or Windows 95/98 platforms. By thoroughly testing any application you request for vulnerabilities and security USSR can help bring a third party level of security assurance to any software you implement, develop or install for a client.


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