The USSR Labs have developed highly sophisticated tools which appear as similar to those used by other companies but are implemented in unique ways that produce real solutions to security issues

Real Anti-Piracy Solution



You invested time, money and a lot of resources to develop your best software.
Your design is very elegant, your engine is the most powerful but you still have a problem: your wheels are not good enough to escape from hacker warfare.
We are proud to announce CRUNCH SP, the right wheel to protect your software and make it run enough to escape from this war.
Crunch SP is the most advance software protection system available anywhere today.

1) Hacker teams around the world compete in a virtual championship to see who is the best and the fastest. The reward is usually expensive software, very well known worldwide, and especially, those developed by large corporations.

2) We can tell they are really good, much better than your team when we talk about security. Your team can try to protect, and that's it, a nice try.
    The software is cracked, thousands of hours of development and resources are suddenly unprotected and available for free on the WEB. This causes a terrible damage to the economy of the developer and of course to all the commercial channel involved.
     We will not lie if we affirm that more than 50% of the planet has a piracy rate close to 100%. This makes almost impossible to have a successful software business (at least the one that we foresee!).

3) Until now there has been plenty of "solutions"; but all of them have failed, and when we say all we mean ALL (100%). Some of them have been really close .... but finally the program is cracked and free, available worldwide in less than a week, and sometimes less than 24 hours after the final release.
     But, in the history of man, there is always SOMETHING NEW THAT CHANGES THE RULES 100% .... we call it THE NEW PARADIGM IN SOFTWARE PROTECTION.

4) USE CRUNCH SP AND PIRACY RULES WILL CHANGE 100% FOR YOUR COMPANY. You will be in control again, you will be able to plan, and what is really fair:  your company will be paid for the money and the time you invested in your development.

As you may imagine, many of the techniques contained in the CRUNCH SP are already being used by other protection methods, but let us mention the following thought from an expert in security and software protection systems during an international conference.

"The problem with bad security is simple: it looks as good as the best. It's really hard to distinguish it from the good one just analyzing a finished product. Both claim the same level of protection, both have the same functionality; indeed both can be using the same kind of algorithms, dongles and drivers, the same protocols and even the same standards. Both can be created by the same developers group with the same tools. But, after all this, one is secure, the other is not."

 The world is full of good ideas, but to be successful, you need the right implementation with a team that completely understands the whole picture. At USSR, after two years of development and investigation, we are sure we have the best product and idea available to protect to protect a software today.