TransSoft's Broker FTP Server 3.x & 4.x Remote DoS attack Vulnerability

TransSoft's Broker FTP Server 3.x & 4.x Remote DoS attack Vulnerability

USSR Advisory Code:  USSR-2000054

Public Disclosure Date:
October 18, 2000

Vendors Affected:


Systems Affected:
Broker FTP Server, all releases prior to are affected

The USSR Team has found a buffer overflow in the Broker FTP Server, which
can enable an attacker to execute a denial of service attack against
it.  If the FTP server is running as a service, an attacker can cause the
server to consume _all_ memory and computer resources by inputing a
username that is 6000 characters or greater.


We take no responsibility for this code.  It is for educational
purposes only.


[pic@peludita]$ telnet 21
Connected to 
Escape character is '^]'. 
220 FTP Server ready [***]

Where [buffer] is aprox. 6000 characters.

Date of Vendor Notification:


Fixed, in versions up to,


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