Remote DoS Attack in Pragma TelnetServer 2000 (Remote Execute Daemon) Vulnerability

  Pragma TelnetServer 2000



Perl exploit

Remote DoS Attack in Pragma TelnetServer 2000 (Remote Execute Daemon) Vulnerability

USSR Advisory Code:  USSR-2000051

Release Date:
August 24, 2000

Systems Affected:
Pragma TelnetServer 2000 for Windows NT/2000


The Ussr Labs team has recently discovered a buffer overflow memory 
problem in the rpc module of the Pragma TelnetServer 2000

What happens is by performing an attack with a malformed request to port 512 
it will cause the process containing the services to crash.

That we take no responsibility for this code it is for educational purposes only.

[$ telnet 512
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Where [buffer] is approx. 1000 NULL characters, and the process containg the service crashes


Vendor Status:  
Informed!, Contacted!.

Fixed for Build 2 of TelnetServer 2000 released soon.

Vendor   Url:
Program  Url:

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