Local / Remote GET Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in ZBServer 1.5 Pro Edition for Win98/NT


ZBServer 1.5

ZBServer 1.5 Pro Edition for Win98/NT and possibly others versions.


(Binary D.O.S)


(Source of binary d.o.s)

USSR Advisory Code:   USSR-99024

Release Date:
December 23, 1999

Systems Affected:
ZBServer 1.5 Pro Edition for Win98/NT and possibly others versions.

About The Software:
ZBServer Pro Edition is a full-featured Internet/Intranet server software
package that includes HTTP (web), Gopher, FTP and Chat Services. 
Fast, inexpensive and easy-to-use, ZBServer Pro is small enough to run
in the background of your Windows 95 or NT computer to provide users with
full or restricted access to files, graphics, sounds or movies. 
ZBServer Pro can provide organizations of all sizes enterprise-wide web
service to internal and external TCP/IP network users


UssrLabs found a Local / Remote Buffer overflow, The code that handles
GET commands has an unchecked buffer that will allow arbitrary code to
be executed if it is overflowed.

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Vendor Status:

i email the vendor, and i dont have a responce :(

Vendor   Url: http://www.zbserver.com/ 
Program Url: http://www.zbsoft.com/zbserver/index.htm


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