Remote DoS Attack in QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d FTP Server Vulnerability

QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d

QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d, FTP Server

QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d d.o.s binary.

QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d D.o.s Source (needs Tasm 5.0)


UssrLabs found a Local/Remote DoS Attack in QVT/Term 'Plus' 4.2d FTP Server.

Tthe buffer overflow is caused by a long user name / password, 2000 characters, and the re-connection to the Ftp Server.

There is not much to expand on.... just a simple hole

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SOLUTION Nothing yet.

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