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Parent Directory 20-Oct-1998 08:55 - PGP-GPG-MessageProce..> 13-Jun-1999 23:27 3k Perl modules for performing encryption/decryption operations on arrays using GPG. PGPenvelope uses these. By Frank Tobin. PGP-PGP5-MessageProc..> 13-Jun-1999 23:27 3k Perl modules for performing encryption/decryption operations on arrays using PGP5. PGPenvelope uses these. By Frank Tobin. V5.0/ 09-Dec-1998 12:45 - V5.5/ 20-Oct-1998 08:17 - V5.5.3/ 09-Dec-1998 12:45 - dirtypgp.wish 08-Jun-1999 23:01 6k pgp-attack-faq.txt 17-Nov-1998 14:10 41k pcrack_tar.gz 05-Mar-1998 13:22 65k PGP Crack for *nix. pgp262s.tar.gz 23-May-1999 23:01 535k pgp263is.tar.gz 25-May-1999 07:04 594k pgp5.x-html.tar.gz 05-Aug-1998 08:46 2k Add-on for pgphtml that enables you to sign html documents with PGP5.x, by Ken Williams. pgp50i-unix-src-b8a_..> 23-Feb-1998 01:01 878k PGP 5.0 freeware for *nix. pgp50i-unix-src.tar.gz 25-May-1999 07:03 906k pgp60/ 20-Oct-1998 08:21 - pgp602/ 25-May-1999 08:25 - pgpcrack5b.tar.gz 20-Oct-1998 08:25 13k pgpcrack6b.tar.gz 20-Oct-1998 08:25 51k pgpcrack99.tgz 03-Mar-1999 17:15 65k PGPCrack v0.99b is a program designed to brute-force a conventionally encrypted file encrypted with PGP or a PGP secret key. This is the UNIX version, with source code. By Mark Miller. 05-Mar-1998 13:22 65k PGP Crack for MS-DOS. pgpdisk/ 28-Nov-1998 06:21 - pgpenvelope-2.6.2.ta..> 13-Jun-1999 23:27 76k pgpenvelope 2.6.2 - PGPenvelope is a pine filter written in Perl that allows one to encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify one's email messages with GPG or PGP5. Ease of installation, ease of use, and a nice interface were the primary goals during developement. Also included are methods to verify signed messages through procmail with ease. Changes: Renamed prefs.skel to prefs.default, using Term::ReadKey lets users of all OS's (hopefully) use hotkeys on the send menu, fixed some non-fatal warnings that occured when using perl5.004, upgraded the distributed Term::ReadKey to 2.14. By Frank Tobin. pgpfone/ 17-May-1999 14:26 - PGPfone for secure telecommunications via computer. pgphtml.tar.gz 13-Jun-1998 10:15 45k Sign HTML documents with PGP. pgptools/ 28-Nov-1998 06:26 - 10-Nov-1998 22:33 422k PGPn123 is primarily a pgp "windows clipboard" shell program that makes using pgp for Eudora, Agent, or Pegasus Mail very easy. privtool-0.90-005.ta..> 11-Jun-1999 01:28 566k privtool 0.90 Beta GT005 - Privtool ("Privacy Tool") is intended to be a PGP-aware replacement for the standard Sun Workstation mailtool program, with a similar user interface and automagick support for PGP-signing and PGP-encryption. Changes: This is the first announcement. Privtool now has a semi-usable Gtk+ interface in addition to the XView and Motif-2 interfaces. By Glenn Trigg & Mark Grant. 10-Nov-1998 22:43 595k Scytale is a pgp shell program that has the added feature of hiding data in PCX images.