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The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation
1550 Bryant Street, Suite 725
San Francisco CA 94103 USA
+1 415 436 9333 (voice)
+1 415 436 9993 (fax)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit public-interest organization protecting rights and promoting liberty online. It was founded in 1990 by Mitchell Kapor, John Perry Barlow, and John Gilmore.

The Foundation seeks to educate individuals, organizations, companies, and governments about the issues that arise when computer and communications technologies change the world out from under the existing legal and social matrix.

The Foundation has been working on cryptography policy for many years. It was a significant force in preventing the adoption of the "Clipper chip" and its follow-on "key escrow" proposals, and continues to advocate for wide public availability and use of uncompromised and unbreakable encryption technology. EFF is backing the lawsuit in which Professor Daniel Bernstein seeks to overturn the United States export laws and regulations on cryptography, arguing that the First Amendment to the US Constitution protects his right to publish his cryptography research results online without first seeking government permission. EFF's research effort in creating this first publicly announced DES Cracker, and the publication of its full technical details, are part of EFF's ongoing campaign to understand, and educate



the public about, the social and technical implications of cryptographic technology.

EFF encourages you to join us in exploring how our society can best respond to today's rapid technological change. Please become an EFF member; see http://www.eff.org/join/

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an entrepreneur and civil libertarian. He was an early employee of Sun Microsystems, and co-founded Cygnus Solutions, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Cypherpunks, and the Internet's "alt" newsgroups. He has twenty-five years of experience in the computer industry, including programming, hardware and software design, and management. He is a significant contributor to the worldwide open sourceware (free software) development effort. His advocacy efforts on encryption policy aim to improve public understanding of this fundamental technology for privacy and accountability in open societies. He is currently a board member of Moniker pty ltd, the Internet Society, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

John leads the EFF's efforts on cryptography policy, managed the creation of the DES cracker and wrote much of the text in this book.

John can be reached at the email address gnu@des.toad.com; his home page is http://www.cygnus.com/~gnu/

Cryptography Research

Cryptography Research
870 Market Street, Suite 1088
San Francisco, CA 94102 USA
+1 415 397 0123 (voice)
+1 415 397 0127 (fax)

Cryptography Research is Paul Kocher's San Francisco-based consulting company. Cryptography Research provides consulting, design, education, and analysis services to many leading firms and start-ups. Kocher and the company are widely known for their technical work and research, including the development of leading cryptographic protocols (such as SSL 3.0), cryptanalytic work (including the discovery of timing attacks against RSA and other cryptosystems), and numerous presentations at major conferences. To reach Cryptography Research please write to info@cryptography.com.


Cryptography Research managed the hardware and software design for the DES cracker, and wrote the chip simulator and the driver software.

Paul Kocher, Josh Jaffe, and everyone else at Cryptography Research would like to thank John Gilmore and the EFF for funding this unique project, and AWT for their expert hardware work!

Paul Kocher

Paul Kocher is a cryptographer specializing in the practical art of building secure systems using cryptography. He currently serves jointly as President of Cryptography Research (http://www.cryptography.com) and Chief Scientist of ValiCert (http://www.valicert.com). Paul has worked on numerous software and hardware projects and has designed, implemented, and broken many cryptosystems. Paul can be reached via e-mail at paul@cryptography.com.

Advanced Wireless Technologies

Advanced Wireless Technologies, Inc.
3375 Scott Blvd, Suite 410
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
+1 408 727 5780 (voice)
+1 408 727 8842 (fax)

Advanced Wireless Technologies, Inc. (AWT) is dedicated to providing Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and board level design solutions for high tech industries at highest quality and lowest cost. AWT's design philosophy is to reduce product development cost/risk and recurring cost. AWT employs a thorough design flow from system architecture to system integration and test.

AWT was founded in 1993. Its engineering team is composed of a highly qualified, tenured employee base, including technical management staff. The employees are knowledgeable, motivated, highly competent, and have from 3 to 25 years of experience in system engineering, chip design, and complete subsystem design.

AWT offers digital ASIC/Gate Array and Board design services to support customers' specific requirements. The company can participate in any development phase from specifications definition to design implementation and prototype testing.

In addition to providing engineering services AWT has developed leading products for use in the communications industry. AWT's standard products include IP Cores,


ASICs, and board level products in the fields of demodulation, forward error correction, and encryption decryption.

AWT designed and built the hardware for the DES Cracker, including the custom ASIC, logic boards, and interface adapters. If you're interested in purchasing a DES Cracker unit, contact AWT.

AWT invites you to visit at http://www.awti.com or call +1 408 727 5780 for your specific engineering needs.