Our team has opened a security challenge for those who want to try to crack our dongle based software protection system Crunch SP 1.05.
For further information go to

There will be prizes for the first 5 winners who have been able to run the program without the dongle

(all included functions must be enable and running OK).
The prize is: one Operating System to choose from one of the following three:

(Linux, OpenBsd, Windows 98)

(It's one prize per the person or the team (in case that more people were affected to job)
To get the prize the conditions are the following:


  • Proofs of the job must be presented

  • Documentation of each step to get the final result

  • Methods and programs used in the study

  • Source code of the programmed applications used

  • Total description of the study

  • Suggestions to improve better Crunch SP

  • If the job doesn't accomplish with these minimum points, it's up to concourse

    organizer the decision to null that particular job,

    even in the case of having good results.

    any results email us to :





    Underground Security Systems Research.


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